I Like It, I Love It [Final Summary]

a_paperAfter reviewing all my other posts on this blog, especially my midterm summary post, I want to say that the second half of the semester was EVEN BETTER than the first, and that I learned EVEN MORE than I already had, but it wouldn’t be true. The second half was much the same as the first half, and overall, I’ve come away from it with much the same understanding as I had at midterms.

Sure, the tiny superpower animal, abstract, and portrait projects added to my understanding significantly. From building the shimmerjay, I learned more about the conditions under which I like to work–in solitude, over a long period of time, in a consistent work space. From the abstract project, I learned how much I like color, and how important abstract symbolism is in creating the mood of a piece. And from the portrait project, I learned about value, and how to make something look 3-dimensional. All of these lessons have increased my understanding, but they are just tools in a toolbox.

My main takeaway from this semester is one that I understood already at midterms: you don’t have to produce great art to be an artist; you have to be an artist to produce great art.

I only produced a couple things this semester I think are good enough to show off. Mostly, it wasn’t about what I made, but how I made it. I have better tools now, and I feel much less pressure. The combination is incredibly empowering and uplifting.

I can’t wait to hit the drawing board again on my own! Cheers, and happy holidays. 🙂


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